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Planning Ahead & Pre-Payment

It is a great comfort to know that your final wishes are written down and known to your loved ones. During the difficult time that accompanies a death, not having to ask “what would Dad have wanted” is a priceless gift.

Another reason planning ahead is increasing in popularity is the financial advantages of pre-paying for future services today, before inflation had its effect. Pre-Payment insures that the funds necessary to carry out your final wishes are available when the time comes.

How Pre-payment Works

Pre-Payment is safe and secure. Funds are deposited into a State approved trust account to insure that the funds you pay are secure and available at the time of need. If you prefer not to Pre-Pay, you may still Pre-Plan your cremation with All-Boro Cremation Services. Just fill out and fax or mail in the Information Sheet, which can be found on the Start Arranging Now page of this Web site.

Questions About Planning Ahead & Pre-Payment

Q: Is Pre-payment available?
A: Yes, All Boro Cremation Services offers a comprehensive pre-payment plan.
Q: Is Pre-payment required?
A: No, Pre-payment is not required. While pre-payment is preferred by many, it may not be the choice of everyone. You may certainly pre-plan without pre-paying for our services.
Q: If I choose to pre-pay, is my money safe?
A: All moneys pre-paid are safe and secure.
New York Pre Plan™ Features:
  • Your account is administered by the New York State Funeral Directors Association and supervised by the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Funeral Directing.
  • An individual account is held in the purchaser's name, and insured by the FDIC.
  • Revocable contracts are fully refundable to purchaser with all accrued interest.
  • Irrevocable contracts can be written to comply with NY State regulations regarding SSI/Medicaid eligibility.
  • Irrevocable contracts can be transferred to any funeral provider in the USA.
  • Pre Plan prices are guaranteed if the contract has been paid in full (excluding cash advance items). The Pre Plan™ account earns a very competitive rate of interest which enables All Boro Cremation Services to guarantee the price of a funeral by using the interest to cover future increases in our costs.
Q: Does pre-payment guarantee the price?
A: Yes, when you pre-pay for the cremation, we guarantee that the price you paid for our services will not increase, no matter how long it is until you need our services.


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